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Name: Dasu Freewind
Age: 23
Orientation: Hetero
Appearance: Dasu stands 6'1, with short black hair that seems to be wild no matter how much you try to tame it. He wears a leather bodysuit and a set of light armor on his upper body. Sometimes he will go more heavily armored, adding armor for his hips and his right arm. Two swords hang from his belt at all times. For best comparison, see Garret Hedlund as Murtagh.

The man known as Dasu Freewind isn't from your normal world. He's from the world of Maravin, a world of fantasy far beyond our own. Specifically, Dasu hails from Mist Canyon in the southeast. He is a wingknight, a clan of warriors who protect the people who live in the canyon face, flying on the backs of giant birds of prey to protect his village from threats in and around the canyon. Wingknights are followers of The Sevenfold Path, a philosophy developed by the seven Archons who defeated the dark god Gaim during the War of Light and Darkness in millennia past. The Sevenfold Path is aptly named, for it represents the seven virtues that wingknights uphold:
 Courage, Integrity, Loyalty, Justice, Compassion, Perseverence, and Sacrifice.

Dasu is of a prestigious line of wingknights, despite having knowing his father and his mother, one of the greatest wingknights of her generation, went missing under suspicious circumstances, leaving him to be raised by one of his cousins and later took his cousin's last name, Freewind, for himself. He enlisted as a wingknight at the age of fourteen, and at the age of eighteen became a part of a five-man patrol squad consisting of himself, Almed Suntail, Morvi Talonbreak, Nikira Stormwing, and her brother Raminen Stormwing, the leader of the squad. On one particular patrol five years afterward, he discovered a collapsed priestess in the middle of the desert.

The discovery and rescue of the priestess, named Ilina, kick-started a chain of events as mysterious creatures hitherto unknown by anyone in the canyon appeared, kidnapping wingknights and civilians alike. During one skirmish, Dasu discovered they were led by a "prophet of Gaim" and chased him below the clouds that perpetually hang in the canyon, obscuring the bottom from view. As he fought in vain against a horde of lizards to save Ilina, he was blessed by the goddess Shiel with the power of magic, and sent his foes scurrying for cover. 

Ilina was saved, but in the melee Morvi had been killed. Nonetheless, with the new information Dasu obtained, he, his remaining squadmates, a new wingknight named Razir Thundereye, and another squad of wingknights returned the following night to learn more about their new foes. There they discovered that their enemy had tapped into a font, a wellspring of magical energy that existed all over Maravin, and were using it to summon their dark creatures. Three of the wingknights died in an ill-advised attack to stop them, but Dasu's squad escaped. 

Faced with the threat of a monster incursion on their very homes, Dasu and his squad were accompanied by four more wingknights to swarm the main operation of the Prophets of Gaim and end it lest the dark forces against them swell to uncontrollable numbers. Twenty-five wingknights, including Dasu, ended up falling right into a trap, and at least fifteen of them fell, including Raminen, who bade Dasu take care of the squadron before charging the enemy lines himself to buy time for their escape. 

Now faced with the prospect of total destruction and becoming leader of the squadron way too suddenly, Dasu, his squadmates (including wingknight cadet Perrim Windchaser) and his fellow wingknights are on a mission to lead their people to safety in the Kingdom of Ayver, named after the Archon who founded the wingknights once upon a time. No hope for survival and very few answers as to why Shiel has blessed him with his quest, however, will not stop Dasu from fulfilling his vows, even as a dark secret about his family, the wingknights of Mist Canyon, and the legacy of the Archons loom over his head like a sword ready to fall...

Dasu is an adventurous guy; you kind of need to be one if you plan to live long as a wingknight, and things like chivalry and courtesy come naturally. However, recent events have kinda put much of his personality on the back burner, now more focused on trying to keep his squad and his fellow wingknights together in the face of unfamiliar territory and plummeting morale, and is a little paranoid that Nikira blames him for her brother's death. Perhaps if something happened to him, the mighty warrior under the mountain of worries would come to the fore and shine all the brighter...


Finger in mouth (give and take)
Double Penetration
Rough Sex

Bathroom play (shower/bath is OK though)
Verbal Abuse

Get it? Got it? Good.



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Dasu Freewind

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